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Faces of Evil in a Violent Underclass

August 26, 2013
By Bryce Buchanan 

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Faces of Evil - that was the headline of the Australian Herald Sun when reporting the depraved murder of Aussie Christopher Lane.  It is instructive to carry that theme further with a few more faces.
James Edwards and his buddies murdered Chris Lane "for the fun of it".  James Edwards shot him in the back.  It was reported that Edwards danced and laughed in the police station after his arrest.  Ending a stranger's life was funny to him.

He boasted on twitter that he had "knocked out 5 woods [whites] since Zimmerman court".  He advised others to "HATE" white people, and a few days before the murder he said he wanted to be "with my niggas when it's time to start taken lifes".

This is De'Marquise Elkins and his mother and aunt. 

De'Marquise approached Sherri West in Brunswick, Georgia in March and asked for money.  When she refused, he shot her 13 month old baby between the eyes.  Elkins' mother and aunt were arrested for obstructing justice when they lied to cover-up the crime.

 On August 12, a recent graduate from nursing school, David Santucci, was walking home from a birthday party.  According to witnesses, Dondre Johnson, Mario Patterson and Jerrica Norfleet drove up to him, shot him to death and drove away.

They were captured shortly after the murder. Some news outlets reported this as a robbery rather than a racist hate crime, but witnesses said nothing was taken from the victim; nothing but his life.

In another recent Memphis story, police say that the two people pictured above doused a man with gasoline in a vacant field and set him on fire.  He was severely burned over most of his body.  A neighbor heard the screams and saw the victim's skin falling off.  He said the devil himself would not deserve such treatment.

Several years ago in Knoxville, Tennessee, Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian were carjacked by the degenerate savages pictured to the left.  Newsom was gagged, bound, brutally raped, beaten, shot and set on fire.  Then they went to work on Channon.  She was taken into the back room of a home where she was beaten and brutally raped in every way imaginable for hours.  Bleach was poured down her throat.  Then she was placed in a garbage bag to suffocate to death.

News of this horrendous, racist hate crime was mostly covered up.  Much of the media are happy to lie in cases like Martin/Zimmerman or Duke Lacrosse, but they are not willing to tell the truth in cases like this. The typical cover-up approach was demonstrated by the Norfolk newspaper, The Virginian-Pilot, last year when two of their reporters were beaten by a black mob of about 30 people.  They did not report the story at all until they were shamed into it two weeks after the assault.  'News' organizations are political organizations and filter stories to suit their political agenda.

"Shorty" Belton died late last week.  He was 88.  He fought for our country in Okinawa and was wounded there.

Shorty had been brutally beaten by two 'unarmed children'.

I sure hope Shorty didn't try to defend himself, because, as we all now know, it is just wrong to defend yourself when black teenagers decide to pound on you.

The alleged savages are Demetrius Glenn, 16, who is now in custody (above), and Keenan Adams-Kinard (below).

In a similar case, Pat Mahaney was beaten by 'unarmed' 13 and 14 year olds.  Pat died last week. 

In Washington, DC, last August, T.C. Maslin was walking home from a baseball game.  His wife and two-year-old son were at home.  Tommy Branch (below) and two other young black thugs approached Maslin.  With a two-fisted grip, Branch swung an aluminum bat into the side of Maslin's head, shattering his skull and severing an optic nerve.  Maslin lived, but he is severely disabled.  The national media ignored this story.

 Last Monday in Pensacola, Florida, 77-year-old John Garland Redick was chased, beaten with sticks and pelted with cans by a mob of very young black teens.  Two of the attackers are pictured below, Keyon Black and Shaknee Golay.

On March 17, 2012, police found 32 year old Terry Moore lying in his own blood outside an Appleby's Restaurant in North Carolina.  Moore said the group of predators pictured below approached him calling him a "tree honkey" and a "cracker".  

They knocked him to the ground and amused themselves punching and kicking him.

It would not be difficult at all to post pictures and tell stories of degenerate predators like this ad nauseam.  There is an explosion of black mob violence.  If you doubt that, read "White Girl Bleed A Lot" by Colin Flaherty.  Across the country, degenerate people are violently attacking strangers in "the knockout game" ...  just for 'fun'.  Flash mobs swarm stores to plunder and pillage.  They are eliminating the government middle-man and taking what they want directly.

Even though we don't speak much about this violence, and even though the press works to cover it up, we
all understand that we have a huge problem with a violent, racist, uncivilized underclass.  We are taught, incorrectly, that it is not appropriate to talk honestly about it.  But ignoring or denying the problem is the most foolish approach of all.  We must acknowledge it and we must talk about it.

Consider these statistics:

§  Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

§  The best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percent of the population that is black and Hispanic.

§  Blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against whites then vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit a robbery.

§  The death toll from murder in Chicago over the last decade exceeds the death toll of our soldiers in Afghanistan since the beginning of that war.  [Handgun purchases are not allowed in Chicago.]

§  Nearly 3/4 of black children are born out of wedlock.  Generations of children are being raise without fathers.
§  Academic achievement for black students is appallingly low, despite a large amount of money being spent to provide that group with educational opportunities.

Now consider the fact that decent black people are the people who are most harmed by this violent subculture.  They are the closest to the problem and suffer the most from it. But we all suffer from this growing cancer and ignoring the problem is simply one way to commit national suicide.

This problem is not about skin color.  The real problem is bad values.  There is nothing about having melanin in your skin that will protect you from the natural consequences of destructive values.  Violent, hostile, uneducated, misogynistic men who do not care for their children will not be successful... anywhere, ever.  
And no civilization can survive the degradation of its women.  Thug culture celebrates the degradation of women.

Think about the Vietnamese refugees or other Asian refugees who came to this country from lives of severe deprivation.  They had nothing...except good values.  With hard work, education, family values, self-discipline and perseverance, most achieved the American Dream in a short amount of time.  In one generation, they were often small business owners and valedictorians.  Fortunately for them, they had no putative leaders teaching them victimhood and hopelessness.  No one told them it was someone else's job to make their lives successful.

If we discuss this problem openly we will be called racists.  People will say we are finally "showing our true colors".  We will be called liars.  Thug culture will be defended.  They will say we are afraid of black masculinity, as though violent bravado is praiseworthy.  There will be a large leftist effort to stop people from saying what needs to be said.

We should ignore the criticism and steadfastly pursue Martin Luther King's dream of living in a nation where people "will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."  This dream strikes fear in the hearts of current civil rights 'leaders' who abhor the idea of character judgments.  They live in the past.  For them, it is all about skin color.

In my view, no one has done more to impede the progress of black people than black 'leaders" and other leftists in the racial grievance industry.  They sell exactly the wrong message of victimhood, telling blacks on the dependency plantation that none of their problems are their fault and nothing is their responsibility.  Could you find a better formula for creating an angry, dependent population than to tell them that all of their problems are caused by others and all of their needs are someone else's job to fill.  From Sharpton to Obama, the message is destructive, though it does maintain the desired voting block.

Accepting lower standards of behavior for black people is a form of racism.  Only a racist would say that black people are not capable of joining civilized society on an equal footing.  Do blacks need lower standards because they are inferior people?  This is the soft bigotry of low expectations.  Violent, ignorant, parasitic thug culture is not a built- in defect.  It comes from bad values which are created and supported by bad social policy.  The violent subculture persists because of an absurd level of tolerance on our part.

 American Thinker

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Benghazi: “O! What a Fall was There”

By Jim ONeill

 O! what a fall was there, my countrymen,
Then I, and you, and all of us fell down,
Whilst bloody treason flourish’d over us. 
—William Shakespeare “Julius Caesar,” Act III, Scene II

My, my, my, oh what a tangled web we weave…. First we were treated to outright fables and fairytales about a “spontaneous demonstration” supposedly caused by a laughably awful film that few had ever heard of, and even fewer seen.

Then we had Hillary Clinton’s Sherlockian deduction that the Benghazi murders were the result of some guys out for a stroll who decided on the spur of the moment to, what the heck, “kill some Americans.” Admittedly not a dazzling hypothesis, but hey, what difference does it make?

We were also treated to Press Secretary Jay Carney’s “Not that old thing again” gambit, in which the killing of Ambassador Sevens and three other Americans last fall was treated as if it had happened back when the Black Plague was ravaging Europe.

Permit me to back up a bit. Shortly after the attacks in Benghazi, Obama put the fear of God into the terrorists—“I want people around the world to hear me: To all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished.” Yes, well…still waiting.

No sooner had Obama thrown down the gauntlet then US investigators promptly sat on their hands. Bringing the guilty parties to swift justice was not helped any by the fact that US investigators did not arrive on the crime scene until almost a month after the murders were committed. I’m not one to cast stones, but it seems to me that the FBI might want to work on improving their response time. Just saying.

The FBI’s investigation of the attacks in Benghazi makes the “Keystone Kops” look like the Mossad, but the main issue of importance is that the terrorists (or homicidal film critics, if you insist) remain at large.

Despite some helpful pointers from Hillary Clinton on what direction the investigation should take (it was either “a protest,” or “guys out for a walk”), US investigators remain stymied in their efforts to track down the bad guys. Perhaps I can help—patriotic duty and all that.

According to Walid Shoebat and Cynthia Farahat, both of whom speak Egyptian Arabic, a participant in the Benghazi attacks is heard to shout out on a video made at the time “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, Dr. Morsi sent us!” (”Mahadesh, mahadesh yermi, Dr. Morsi ba`atna!”) Congress and US investigators take note: that is what is known in professional parlance as “a clue.”

“Dr. Morsi,” of course, refers to disposed Egyptian President and Muslim Brotherhood “mover and shaker” Mohamed Morsi. Due to early, if somewhat erratic, support for Morsi, and the heavy-handed ineptitude of the US State Department, Congress, and the Obama regime, the US has managed to p‚Äîs off darn near every Egyptian on the planet, whether inside or outside of their country. A “clean sweep” if nothing else, I suppose.

In any event, permit me to fast forward ahead to recent events, and briefly discuss some comments made late last month by former Intelligence officer (SSI) and Egyptian television personality, Ahmed Moussa. Mr. Moussa claimed that Ambassador Stevens was killed by a man named Mohsen Al-Azazi, who was affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Moussa gave Azazi’s current location in Egypt, and offered that he was in the company of two members of the Muslim Brotherhood, “[People] whom you and your [US] administration support and aid. Your administration aids terrorism.” (Psst!—consider this to be another “clue”—nod, nod, wink, wink). Cynthia Farahat observes:

If true, this is sensational news, for it directly ties the MB [Muslim Brotherhood] to anti-American terrorism and repudiates the Obama administration policy of trying to work with the MB.

For those of us interested in the real reasons why Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were hung out to die, why the survivors of the attack are still muzzled, and why General Carter Ham and Admiral Charles M. Gaouette were so peremptorily sacked following the attacks—the trickle of truth and connecting the dots is adding up to an ugly picture indeed.

Canada Free Press

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Two Million Bikers Plan Their Own 9/11 March to Washington D.C.

Katie Pavlich | Aug 23, 2013

 By now you've probably heard about the "Million Muslim March" coming to Washington D.C. on 9/11. Last week Chris Phillips, the organizer of the march, appeared on Hannity and refused to condemn hateful groups like the Muslim Brotherhood while arguing the U.S. government has been hateful toward Muslim-Americans since 9/11/2001.

Now in response to the march, bikers are also planning to show up in Washington D.C. on 9/11....with two million people.

Thousands of America’s patriotic bikers are organizing an enormous counter protest to the planned Million Muslim March on DC this Sept. 11.

The Facebook Page, “2 Million Bikers to DC,” has over 18 thousand “likes,” as of Thursday morning and individual state chapters of riders have launched pages on Facebook, as well.

The bikers are riding “To remember those who were killed on 911 and honor our armed forces who fought those who precipitated this attack,” the Facebook page said.
Here are the objectives for the ride, which will be peaceful.









The Million Muslim March isn't expected to have a great turnout, but you can bet the ride will.


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September 11, 2012: A day that will live in infamy

August 17, 2013
By James Lewis

September 11 of 2012, just eleven months ago, was the eleventh anniversary of the Declaration of Holy War signaled by three simultaneous attacks on America by nineteen Saudi Arabian suiciders, killing 3,000 innocent people in Manhattan, at the Pentagon, and in the air over Pennsylvania.

That Declaration of War came from the brutal desert theocracy of Saudi Arabia, run by its Wahhabi priesthood.  Wahhabism follows ancient Muslim war theology against all non-Muslims and against Muslims heretics like the Iranians.  Wahhabism runs a worldwide oil-funded missionary campaign, and mosques built by Arabian oil billionaires are often staffed by Wahhabi imams, who preach holy war against the rest of humanity.

"Islam" means surrender or else.

Since 2001, the Saudis and other brutal tribal cultures have continued to finance, agitate, indoctrinate, infiltrate, plot, threaten, manipulate, propagandize, commit mass murder, and sabotage their First-World benefactors.  The dead silence of the Western political and media elites about the Global Jihad means that billions of oil dollars have bought a lot of Democrats and Crony Media.

Across the Gulf, the other war branch of Islam keeps waging its own brand of murder and tyranny.  Sunnis and Shiites are at war with each other in Syria, but they also attack the First World at every opportunity -- politically, psychologically and by acts of terror.

Eleven months ago, on September 11 of 2012,  international news headlines showed two photos of simultaneous al-Qaeda terror attacks on American sovereign assets.  Benghazi was the most famous assault, killing our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.  But al-Qaeda always commits mass murders twice on the same day.  That is its signature.

A second jihadist attack was therefore headlined on the same day.  It was on our Cairo Embassy, where Qaedists briefly flew their black flag over a burned-out part of the Embassy, long enough for their tame news photographers to send their message around the world.

Every Muslim in the world instantly understood the meaning of that double-terror attack, the war signature of al-Qaeda.  But ordinary people in the West were blinded and deceived by our treacherous mass media, controlled by vast amounts of oil money.

The al-Qaeda message on September 11, 2012 was instantly understood in the White House, where Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama, and John Brennan are intimately familiar with the war theology of Islam.  They constantly find ways to enable it.

The flood of lies about Benghazi was engineered by our media and Democrat Party Machine, to cover up al-Qaeda's obvious message to the world.  Hillary Clinton and her husband were of course complicit in that massive cover-up.  Oil money may be buying the Hillary run for president of the United States. 

Today our media-political class is still trying to make you forget September 11, 2012.

If the media had told you the truth, Obama would have lost the election.

Whether you like Mitt Romney or not, the world would be much, much safer today if Obama had been defeated.

That is why September 11, 2012 is a day that will live in infamy.

It was a huge triumph of our deadly enemies against an administration and a political class that lives by denying the very existence of our deadly enemies.

We now know that Obama won re-election by organized fraud and abuse of his constitutional authority over the IRS, the FBI, and the national security apparatus.  The Corporate Media colluded in Obama's anti-constitutional actions, revealing the extent of their knowledge only after the election.

We know that Obama is a scofflaw, laughing when he gets away with screwing the American people and our Constitution.  Today he is clowning it up for the hopelessly corrupt media on the golf course in Martha's Vineyard, and like everything else in this administration, there are no accidental signals.  This is the fundamental nature of our One Party Machine today.

This column has previously described Obama's malignant narcissism and oppositional defiant disorder.  His day-to-day behavior continues to add to a mountain of evidence.  Every government and intelligence agency in the world knows all about Obama, and so does the Democratic Party Machine.

Still, the American people are kept in the dark.  We are a laughingstock around the world, and frankly, we will deserve the contempt of the world until we learn to face reality.

Here is a partial breakdown of 9/11/12 malfeasance.

1. Within minutes of the attack in Benghazi, President Obama, directly or indirectly, ordered the U.S. military not to protect Ambassador Stevens and the 30 or so CIA personnel who were under assault. 

This week, USAF Colonel (ret.) Phil Handley publicly explained the nature of that betrayal.

The combat code of the US Military is that we don't abandon our dead or wounded on the battlefield. In US Air Force lingo, fighter pilots don't run off and leave their wingmen. If one of our own is shot down, still alive and not yet in enemy captivity, we will either come to get him or die trying.
Among America's fighting forces, the calm, sure knowledge that such an irrevocable bond exists is priceless. Along with individual faith and personal grit, it is a sacred trust that has often sustained hope in the face of terribly long odds.
The disgraceful abandonment of our Ambassador and those brave ex‐SEALs who fought to their deaths to save others in that compound is nothing short of dereliction‐of‐duty. Additionally, the patently absurd cover‐up scenario that was fabricated in the aftermath was an outright lie in an attempt to shield the President and the Secretary of State from responsibility.

Please note that everyone in the world who knows the U.S. military understands these facts very well.  The "secret" of Obama's betrayal is therefore only a secret to the "LoFo voters" in America.

2. In Cairo, where we had just helped Islamic radical Mohammed Morsi rise to power, an al-Qaeda mob overran parts of the U.S. Embassy.  In a state dominated by police, military, and internal espionage, such mob attacks do not occur accidentally.  Morsi was put into power by Barack H. Obama, who told Morsi's pro-American predecessor, President Hosni Mubarak, to resign after thirty years of protecting the peace in the Middle East.

In the five years since Obama became president, both branches of the Muslim war theology have made major conquests.  Syria is now torn between the jihadists of Iran and the jihadists of the Arabian desert.  Whichever group wins, the civilized world will be the losers.

United States Embassies are legally American territory, and every diplomat knows the meaning of a mob attack on an embassy.  It means that by failing to provide police protection in obedience to international law, the host government is declaring a legal casus belli, a cause for war.

Notice that this is exactly what the first jihadist regime in the world did to Jimmy Carter in 1979 by kidnapping our diplomats in Tehran.  That international slap in the face ended up defeating  Jimmy Carter in the election of 1980, and bringing Ronald Reagan to the presidency.

It was Reagan who vigorously defended America and brought the Evil Empire to a well-deserved end.

Eleven months ago, the Obama administration and our Democrat National Machine plotted to cover up the two 9/11/12 attacks, to avoid a repetition of the Carter debacle and the rise of a conservative Republican administration.

That is why our deeply corrupted IRS targeted the Reaganesque Tea Party, and tried to destroy the most charismatic and well-qualified conservative on the national scene today, Governor Sarah Palin.

Our political class fears the rise of another Ronald Reagan.

Obama and the Democrat Machine acted brutally and illegally to prevent another Reaganite presidency.  They are still doing it every day.

3. Long before 9/11 of last year, the Obama administration was deeply penetrated by Muslim Brotherhood infiltrators, who have been widely exposed in the web-based media.

As Col. Allen West (ret.) just wrote,

... yes, we do have Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups and individuals infiltrated into this current Obama administration. This is serious.

Beginning in the 1970s, radical Muslims bought political power in the Black Nationalist movement.  Barack Hussein Obama has told the world in two autobiographies that he modeled his own life after Malcolm X, the Black Nationalist.  Today, the radical left in the black community claims to stand for all Americans of African descent.  That is of course another Big Lie.  The radical left constantly attempts to threaten and intimidate those who disagree with it, including courageous black people tired of seeing toxic demagogues destroying unnumbered lives in our inner cities.

The radical left-Muslim jihadist alliance began in the 1970s.  The evidence for that alliance is all over the international media today, including the Egyptian and Arabic media, which are expressing shock to see the extent to which America has been corrupted by its internal enemies.  The anti-Morsi coup in Egypt was conducted by nationalist and modernist political groups that did not want to be tyrannized by the medieval Muslim Brotherhood.  Jihadists  are our enemies -- they tell us so every day -- and modernist Egyptians cannot understand why Barack H. Obama is constantly supporting those who want to destroy us.

4. We have just learned that Benghazi culminated in jihadist terror groups stealing 400 ground-to-air missiles, which may threaten our civilian aircraft for years to come.

The damage in Benghazi was not just to American lives, reputation, national pride, international standing, and prestige.  It was material damage, threatening our national security in a clear and present way.  The 400 sophisticated ground-to-air missiles now controlled by jihadists are bound to be used against us.  In the last few weeks, massive coordinated jailbreaks took place in Yemen, Iraq, and Egypt, liberating thousands of terrorist killers who are now on the loose.

The United States has just forced Israel to release more than 100 convicted terrorist killers, who may soon join the others -- in Syria, where al-Qaeda rebels are making military gains against the relatively rational regime of Bashar Assad.  Or in Afghanistan, where the Obama regime is negotiating with the barbaric Taliban to surrender that country to their tender mercies.  Safe-haven countries for Muslim terrorists now include Iran, the Sudan, Arabia, Libya, and Pakistan.

Bin Laden had to run from country to country to finally find safe haven with...the Taliban.  That allowed al-Qaeda to plot the terror attacks on America on the first 9/11.

We will hear from them before this administration is finished.

5. Obama has been actively and knowingly complicit in empowering jihadist forces from the beginning of this administration. He has made no secret of his real sympathies.  Will choose the Muslim side.  No slander of the Prophet of Islam.

Imagine FDR responding to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor by lying about Imperial Japan.

That is what Obama and the Democrat Machine have done to us.

In Europe, the identical class of radical leftists are running their economy into the ground.  The European left has also smuggled in hundreds of thousands of easily radicalized Muslims from Pakistan, Africa, and Arabia.  Europe is committing suicide in front of our eyes.  If the left-jihadist political alliance is allowed to stay in power, it will destroy our country also.

We have real enemies, foreign and domestic.  About 100 million Americans know exactly who they are.  Our job as citizens is to guide our nation to safety against the malignant and corrupt network of enemies.

We must do so by peaceful persuasion if we can.

The alternative does not bear thinking about.

American Thinker

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Media Target the Powerless; Protect Powerful Liars, Bigots & Race Hoaxers

 Last month, a wealthy movie and television star took to Twitter to hurl homophobic slurs at a gay reporter, and to urge his million-plus followers to commit acts of violence against the man. Last week, a nobody -- a jester, a clown, a performer performing at a rodeo, donned a Barack Obama mask and joked about having a bull attack him.

Today, after much of the media chose not to report on Alec Baldwin's reprehensible behavior, he is in talks to join NBC News.

Meanwhile, the clown has been banned for life, the president of the organization that hired him has been forced to resign, and the powerful NAACP is demanding a full investigation.

Earlier this week, on the pages of Politico, a powerful Hollywood director smeared rural whites as racists with the bigoted and provably false claim that they would not see a film with an all black cast.

Three decades ago, a woman who is now 66 years-old and once hosted a cable cooking show, used the N-word.

Today, Lee Daniels can be seen all across the media landscape in softball interviews asking him about his
 Oscar chances with "The Butler." He has never once been challenged on his bigoted beliefs.

Meanwhile, a national media frenzy has destroyed Paula Deen and everything she worked for.

Last week, a nobody shopgirl was globally defamed after one of the most powerful people in the world publicly accused her of racism.

Today, Oprah Winfrey's tale of being victimized by this shopgirl has completely collapsed.

Meanwhile, the media are too busy talking about Winfrey's Oscar chances to vindicate this poor shopgirl's honor or to hold Winfrey accountable for her behavior.

Last month, even after all the evidence proved race had absolutely nothing to do with the fatal shooting of a Florida teenager, a sitting president and the architect of the Tawana Brawley race hoax teamed up to falsely claim it did.

Today, Barack Obama and Al Sharpton are hailed by the media as the new face of civil rights, even though the fallout of their dishonesty included dozens of acts of racial violence and lawlessness.

Meanwhile, George Zimmerman has been forced into hiding for fear of his life.

Last year, a sitting president and secretary of state falsely accused a nobody filmmaker of causing a riot that resulted in four American deaths at a diplomatic outpost in Libya. An unquestioning media ran with the story and the filmmaker became a worldwide pariah.

The worldwide notoriety would result in the hapless filmmaker being arrested in the dead of night (on a parole violation).

Today, we know the film had nothing to do with the terror attack in Libya. We also know that Barack

Obama and Hillary Clinton were aware of that at the same time they were calling for the filmmaker's head.

Obama and Clinton falsely scapegoated an innocent man to cover up their own incompetence and to win an election. The American media have responded (with very few exceptions) only by doing everything in their power to protect them.

Today, after almost a year in prison, that nobody filmmaker lives in hiding for fear of his life.

Meanwhile, the media are eagerly prepping Hillary Clinton's coronation as the next president of the United States.

Big Journalism

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Crusades Reconsidered

August 11, 2013
By Mike Konrad

One of the idiocies passed off for decades among Western historians is bemoaning the Crusades as evil. The Islamic world -- the Ummah -- has disseminated this imaginary charge against the West, and like fools, we have absorbed Arab lies and taken the blame to heart. But the most superficial reading of Western history should put that canard to rest.

Shortly before he died in June 632 AD, Mohammed ordered Muslims to prepare to wage war against the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire.

Upon his death, Mohammed's successor, Abu Bakr, planned to fulfill those instructions. Plans were also made to conquer Zoroastrian Sassanid Persia.

This vainglorious troop of bandits should have been easily dispatched,

However. Persia and Byzantine Rome had just come out of a savagely vicious war which ended in 628 AD. Emperor Heraclius had finally imposed the total defeat over Persia that had eluded the earlier Roman Republic and the Caesars -- but Byzantine Rome, though victorious, was severely mauled. Persia was reduced to a state of anarchy; and forced to pay indemnities to Constantinople.

The Persian and Eastern Roman empires were attacked almost simultaneously around 633 AD, while both were still licking their wounds. So frightening were the Islamic advances that these former blood enemies made a sadly futile alliance. By 644, Persia fell anyway.

By 634 AD, Byzantine Palestine and Syria were being attacked. The Battle of Yarmouk in August 636 AD would see Eastern Roman forces beaten. Emperor Heraclius, the victorious warrior, a mere 8 years earlier, would have to sneak out back to Constantinople in a boat.
Farewell, a long farewell to Syria, my fair province. Thou art an infidel's (enemy's) now. Peace be with you, O' Syria -- what a beautiful land you will be for the enemy hands -- Emperor Heraclius, after the defeat at Yarmouk.
Roman-held Jerusalem was besieged in November 636 AD, and surrendered by the following April.

By 674 AD, the Muslims had taken Egypt and much of Anatolian Turkey, and were besieging Constantinople. The Byzantine Romans, unlike the Persians, still had some fight left and managed to lift the siege using Greek fire, a fearsome weapon similar to a flamethrower.

By 709 AD, all of Christian North Africa had fallen to Islam. Though it took the Muslims centuries, eventually all of Christianity was eliminated in the Maghreb.

In 711 AD, the Muslims invaded Spain, again taking advantage of weakness caused by internecine wars. It would be 781 years before Spain would be free. Among Islamic Andalusia's contributions to civilization were the demanded tribute of 100 white virgins every year to staff their harems. Every other contribution was plagiarized from other civilizations the Muslims had plundered.

By 732, the Muslims had advanced to central France, where they were finally repelled by Franks at the battle of Tours. Western Europe had been temporarily spared.
Sicily fell under Islamic rule for almost two centuries, until finally liberated by Norman Franks around 1091 AD.

According to tradition, Malta fell to Islam in 870 AD. Islam's contribution's to local culture was piracy. Malta became a staging point for predatory raids on Southern Europe.

After two centuries, Malta was finally retaken in 1091 AD.

Later on, historians would blame the Dark Ages on the Germanic Tribes, but the Goths and Vikings readily Christianized and embraced the higher civilization of the lands they conquered. The reality is that Islamic raiding is what produced the Dark Ages. Trade and the economy collapsed under the Muslim threat, plunging Europe into stagnation.

In 1095, after centuries of Muslim aggression, Pope Urban II finally had enough, and called Christians to war. He did so after the Byzantine Empire, now broken away from Roman Catholicism, appealed for fraternal help from the Western Christians to save them from Islam. After over 4 centuries of war with Islam, the Byzantines were on the verge of collapse. Most of Spain was still under Islamic tyranny. Malta and Sicily had only been recently freed.


One may condemn the atrocities of the Crusaders, but what infuriates the objective student of history is that the far greater crimes of Islam are ignored.

The Crusades was Christendom finally fighting back, not always honorably, but against a foe which had plunged Europe into darkness for centuries.

Instead we allowed our students to be brainwashed, and force fed an Islamic line that we have to feel guilty. The Muslims invaded Southern Europe, yet somehow we Westerners are labeled the imperialists.

Islamic aggression did not end with the Crusades.

The reason Columbus headed West was because the Muslims had blocked all trade routes to the East. Yet, we are never told this.

Up until the 16th century, Italy was regularly invaded by Islam. Otranto was taken by the Turks in 1480, and held for only 10 months. Yet, it was time enough to behead over 800 Christians who refused to convert.

Piracy and kidnapping was so common that Catholic Churches in Southern Europe had donation boxes where the faithful could contribute to ransom hostages.

One could go on and on. The Islamic subjugation of Greece and the Balkans. The kidnapping of hundreds of thousands of Christian boys, over the centuries, to be forcibly converted to Islam, and compelled to serve in the Ottoman Army as Janissaries.

The Islamic attempt to take Vienna. Twice! In 1529 and 1683.

A half million or more slaves from the British Isles were kidnapped on the high seas by the religion of peace.

It was not until the U.S. Marines took on the Barbary Pirates and the French razed Algeria that Islamic predation finally stopped in the 19th century; but all of this is forgotten. Somehow, white Christians are the only villains now.

We hear the Muslims bewail about British imperialism; but the British do not want to go back to Egypt. The Muslim do want Andulasia back. We hear about French crimes in Algeria -- which were real -- but do we remember that Islamic predation that was the real agent which caused the Dark Ages. Europeans were in North Africa for only a century, but Islam pounded Europe for 1200 years. Yet, it is the Arabs who claim victim status.

But what do our politicians do, but apologize for the Crusades. Why?! Have the Muslims apologized for 1400 years of their crimes?!

Part of this idiocy stems from a hyper-liberal view of history which views European Christianity as inherently evil. It permeates the culture of academia; and refuses to see the real evil of Islam.

Sadly, a second cause is an ancillary residue of historiography which has a tradition of exaggerating the real crimes of Catholicism out of all proportion. The Spanish call this exaggeration the Black Legend of the Inquisition; and it results in a pseudo-acquittal of Islam, by blaming the Crusades on Catholicism.

Let us not forget that it was Catholic Europe which insulated Northwest European Protestants from Islam's full fury. It was Catholic Spain which eventually broke the Turkish fleet at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. It was Catholic Poland's Jan Sobieski who saved Northwest Europe at Vienna in 1683 AD. It was the Catholic French who tamed Algeria in 1830.

Let us not forget either that it was Catholic France which saved the Christians of Lebanon in 1860 while the Protestant British were arming the Druze.

The time for apologizing to Islam must end. 

American Thinker

The Medal of Freedom Free-for All

August 11, 2013
By Jeannie DeAngelis

 On the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's establishment of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Barack Obama, the guy who's done more to obstruct freedom than any American president in history, will be the one handing out the medals.  Having Barack Obama dispense freedom medals is on par with Hitler lighting Shabbat candles or Bill Clinton hosting a couples' seminar on the joys of marital fidelity.

Nonetheless, according to the White House website, the purpose of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the nation's highest civilian honor, is to pay tribute to those who've made "meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors."

President Obama had this to say about the Medal of Freedom:

The Presidential Medal of Freedom goes to men and women who have dedicated their own lives to enriching ours. This year's honorees have been blessed with extraordinary talent, but what sets them apart is their gift for sharing that talent with the world. It will be my honor to present them with a token of our nation's gratitude.

The individuals due to receive the medal are supposedly selected by the president or recommended to him by the Distinguished Civilian Service Awards Board.  Judging from the list, it's easy to see that when choosing the 2013 recipients, Barack Obama was guided by his own personal opinion. 

This year's group is made up of the following luminaries: liberal politicians from the left-of-left wing to the just plain old RINO left wing; one liberal journalist, plus a Berkeley-schooled psychologist; a departed Obama-supporting female astronaut and a living Jimmy Carter-supporting coal miner's daughter; a Cuban musician; a Berkeley-schooled Mexican scientist; a black athlete; a female Democrat judge; a deceased LGBT activist; and a couple of civil-rights leaders.

Although the group consists of many standouts, three in particular have Barack Obama's fingerprints all over them, the first being former President Bill Clinton.  If Bill Clinton deserves anything, it would be a medal for freeing the Oval Office from the confines of presidential dignity.

While Commander-in-Chief Clinton cavorted with a chubby intern, lied about it, perjured himself under oath, and was impeached, now that the "vast right-wing conspiracy" has been fully exposed, he's one of 16 candidates for a Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

Barack Obama had to be behind giving Bill Clinton a medal.  After all, what better way for the present occupant of the White House to make his sorry self look good than to give a medal to someone just as sorry?

Therefore, Bill Clinton deserves a Medal of Freedom for freeing Barack Obama from a future of indignity associated with being a God-awful president.

Then there's feminist Gloria Steinem.  How she got on the list is a Ms-tery.  It must be because Obama respects Gloria for dedicating her life to America's enrichment by fighting for the right to deprive children in the womb of the right to be born.

Seventy-nine-year-old Gloria proudly wears an "I had an abortion" T-shirt, openly boasting about aborting her own child who, had he or she lived, would be 57 years old today. 

Ms. Steinem fondly reminisced about that abortion:

I used to sit and try and figure out how old the child would be, trying to make myself feel guilty. But I never could! ... Speaking for myself, I knew it was the first time I had taken responsibility for my own life. I wasn't going to let things happen to me. I was going to direct my life, and therefore it felt positive.

Who can argue with Obama choosing to give a medal to Steinem for being so cold, heartless, and self-serving that she makes a guy who believes in allowing babies born alive in botched abortions to die without warmth, hydration, or oxygen seem like a pillar of compassion?

Hence, Gloria Steinem deserves a Medal of Freedom for decades of freeing fetuses from the wombs of women who refuse to be deterred from directing their own self-absorbed lives.

Last but not least, we have Oprah Winfrey.  Besides being a gazillionaire and a media magnate of gargantuan proportions (shh, don't you say it), Oprah was one of Barry's biggest supporters in 2008.  She probably secretly credits herself for singlehandedly catapulting Barack Obama from the mean streets of Chicago into the family residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Among her many achievements, Oprah is an actress, broadcast journalist, and talk show host who, in a similar way to how Gloria Steinem's dead baby was Gloria's new lease on life, considered the untimely death of the newborn infant she delivered at 14 years old a "second chance."

Oprah Winfrey deserves a Medal of Freedom, all right, but not for her varied accomplishments, nor for her outstanding ability to bring home the bacon.  Rather, she should take a medal for involuntarily freeing her false eyelashes from her eyelids during Barack Obama's 2008 acceptance speech in INVESCO Field.

Anyone who can be so moved by Barack Obama's "transcendent" oratory that the salty droplets gushing from her tear ducts dissolves her eyelash glue and destroys a perfectly good set of Ardell Demi Lashes deserves a medal. 

Couple the eyelash episode with being identified as Oprah, which sort of resembles the name Obama, and Winfrey may very well have shown up the other 15 recipients and earned herself not one, but two Medals of Freedom.

With the award ceremony months away, there's still time for Commissioner of Liberty Barack Obama to hand out medals to a few more freedom-lovers.

Let's about Queen of Free Birth Control Sandra Fluke, MSNBC Head Lesbian Rachel Maddow, IRS official Lois Lerner, ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, and the no-longer-closeted basketball player/newly-christened homosexual icon, Jason Collins?  Meanwhile, Barack Obama is probably trying to concoct a way to give one of those medals to his number-one choice -- himself.

American Thinker

The President's ObamaCare Straw Man

August 11, 2013
By Joseph Smith

 Leave it to President Obama, with one foot out the door, to sling one more verbal jab at any Republicans who have the temerity to oppose his health care law.

In a Friday afternoon presser before his vacation getaway, the president called efforts to defund and repeal ObamaCare the Republicans' "holy grail" and an "ideological fixation."

Which is not to be confused with Obama's own fixation on passing health care despite sustained opposition by more than half the country. 

The president went on to set up and knock down his own straw man, as The Hill reports:

The idea that you would shut down the government unless you prevent 30 million people from getting healthcare is a bad idea...
I'm assuming they will not take that path...I have confidence that common sense, in the end, will prevail.

Defending his delay of the employer mandate, the president said that going through Congress would be the "normal thing" to do, "[b]ut we're not in a normal atmosphere around here when it comes to 'ObamaCare[.]'"
 And why would that be, Mr. President?

Does it have anything to do with the backhanded manner in which the law was passed, with zero Republican votes?

Could it have anything to do with a party with the audacity to impose their idea of transformation through social engineering that has seen consistent majority opposition for more than five years?

Or does it have anything to do with the fate of a nation having been determined by a Supreme Court chief justice who is accountable to no one on this earth parsing the meaning of a tax?

Or how about the 21 new taxes that arguably amount to the biggest tax increase in our history?

Or a job-killing and innovation-stifling medical device tax that is opposed by 33 Democrat senators (whose ox is gored by that tax)?

And what of the IPAB, or Independent Payment Advisory Board, aka death panels, that even one-time Democrat presidential candidate Howard Dean recently termed a "health care rationing body" that Congress should be "getting rid of"?

Does it matter that the health care law was passed with a rigged cost estimate of less than $1 trillion, using six years of costs and ten years of taxes, and that the ten-year estimate has now reached $2.6 trillion?

What of the fact that health insurance premiums are soaring despite the president's empty promise to reduce a "typical family's premium by up to $2,500 a year"?

Take also the president blithely claiming four years ago that:

... [i]f you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period. No one will take it away. No matter what.

In reality, ObamaCare is worsening an already serious shortage of doctors, many employers are likely to drop health coverage, and there has been widespread reduction of work hours to avoid providing employee health insurance.

Does it matter that the ObamaCare economy has resulted in the creation of "seven times more part-time 
jobs" than full-time jobs?

Or that some insurers are packing their bags and leaving entire states?

Why have the administration's best PR efforts failed to move the dial on ObamaCare, with a recent Fox News poll showing that 63 percent of voters think the law needs to be changed, and a 57-percent majority feeling that implementation is "a joke?"

Which brings us to the extralegal machinations by the Obama administration to hide the bad news from as many unwitting Americans as possible.

Is delaying the employer mandate any indication of trouble in paradise? 

How about the recent announcement that the ObamaCare bureaucracy will be using the honor system, aka "just lie" when applying for premium subsidies, because they have no way to verify the veracity of such claims?

And is it not disturbing that our infinitely wise health care administrators in Washington are unable to decide whether or not our personal data is secure until the day before the exchanges are scheduled to open?

Then again, the exchanges may not be ready on schedule anyway, even after three and a half years of preparation.

Does it matter that a Congress with an approval rating in the teens gave itself new subsidies, just before adjourning for the August recess, to avoid the higher costs the rest of us commoners will face on the ObamaCare exchanges? 

And why did twenty-two House Democrats vote with Republicans last month to delay the individual mandate?  Are those Democrats hoping voters won't notice who owns ObamaCare?

Does it matter, Mr. President, that while you doled out some 2,000 waivers to your friends, the rest of us bitter clingers are forced to succumb to the will of a handful of all-knowing central planners for a most basic need?

Does it matter that more than half the states have rejected building ObamaCare exchanges, and many have also rejected the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion as well?

Does the fact that states without state exchanges are "not statutorily allowed to trigger enforcement" of the employer mandate have anything to do with delaying the mandate?  How about the fact that a lawsuit has been filed challenging the employer mandate on that basis?

What is it about ObamaCare that caused James P. Hoffa, president of the Teamsters Union, to warn Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in writing that ObamaCare would "shatter not only our hard-earned health benefits, but destroy the foundation of the 40 hour work week that is the backbone of the American middle class?"

And what are we to make of Hoffa's further statement that campaigning for the health care law "has come back to haunt us?"

And speaking of haunting, does anyone in this country look forward to being scrutinized by the IRS on every aspect of his or her personal health care decisions, especially after we learn of the politicizing and privacy abuses by that agency?

Is it not disconcerting that even the IRS employees' union is seeking a way out of ObamaCare?

And why are there more than 60 lawsuits challenging the Obama administration's contraception mandate and the ObamaCare attack on religious freedom, with the likelihood that "at least one of these cases may well reach the U.S. Supreme Court in the next term?"

And, for that matter, why is religious freedom such an obstacle for our beneficent government?

The president cannot answer any of these questions.  He tossed out a straw-man argument on Friday because he has no other defense.  

It is time for Republicans to stand up and put an end to this charade.

American Thinker