Thursday, April 4, 2013

Indiana Bill Requiring Armed Employee in Every School Passes Committee

  Legislation requiring at least one employee to be armed at every public school in Indiana made it through committee on April 2. It will now be considered by the Republican-dominated house. The bill mandates "that one officer in every public and charter school have a loaded weapon during school hours."

The "officer" doesn't necessarily have to be a police officer--the bill allows that it could be a teacher or a principle as well.

Republican Rep. Jim Lucas, the sponsor of the legislation, said, "I've been approached by several teachers that would love the ability to have their natural right to self-defense recognized and would gladly do this without being paid."

This legislation is in line with recommendations the NRA first made on Dec. 21, 2012--one week after the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary--and which they further detailed on April 2 of this year.

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