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The Bloody Hands of Barack Obama

May 13, 2013
By Stella Paul

The Three Whistleblowers at the Benghazi hearing spoke softly, but with the emotional wallop of The Three Tenors.  They told the truth, and it blasted like thunder through Obama's tissue palace of lies.

Listening to these strong, solemn men, I heard the sound of old America: a place of hardworking people who love their country and believe in something bigger than their own power.

The America of Gregory Hicks, Mark Thompson, and Eric Nordstrom won World War II, walked on the moon, and defeated Communism.  But today, their America is forced to serve a different god: a cold, smiling man with a hollow heart and hands that get bloodier by the day.

Obama stands center stage in this tragic opera of America's downfall, cheapening, endangering, and destroying the lives of the best among us.  The pile of corpses grows ever higher, and the lies more noxious.

Let's pay tribute to some of his many victims, and vow to honor their memory by holding him to account.

BENGHAZI: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods

Obama failed to attend a single intelligence briefing in the week before September 11, 2012.  As the Libyan consulate in Benghazi came under attack that day, he disappeared for the evening, then jetted off the next day for a Las Vegas fundraiser.  Meanwhile, Ambassador Stevens was raped, murdered, and dragged through the streets by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, while three brave Americans died trying to defend him.

Having ignored Ambassador Stevens's previous reports of a "security vacuum" in Libya, Obama allowed the abortion of two rescue missions ready to fly to Benghazi.  Regional security officer Eric Nordstrom testified that "... whether or not you're sitting off at a post, requesting resources, preparing for testimony before this committee, or standing on a building surrounding by an armed mob attacking you, the message is the same: 'You're on your own.'"

BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING: Martin Richard (age 8), Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi, and Sean Collier.

The Russians and the Saudis both say they warned Obama's security team about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of two jihad-crazed brothers who set off fatal bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line and then killed police officer Sean Collier.  The FBI interviewed Tamerlan, found nothing, and failed to inform the Boston police of Russia's multiple warnings.  The Tsarnaev brothers were free to pursue their murderous plot, while living the high life on taxpayer welfare.

After the city of Boston was put on lockdown, surviving brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured and began to talk about his schemes.  But this potential life-saving information (reportedly, the brothers planned to attack New York) was squelched when Obama's Department of Justice rushed to charge him with a crime and read him his Miranda rights.  Dzhokhar immediately shut up.

The feds refuse to let the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth release Dzhokhar's college records, claiming it would violate federal privacy law.  Meanwhile, two illegal aliens have been arrested as accomplices; Obama's Department of Homeland Security allowed one of them to re-enter the U.S. in January without a valid student visa.

OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS: Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, and hundreds of unnamed Mexicans.

Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, conducted a secret gun-running operation that supplied thousands of assault weapons to drug cartels in Mexico.  Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata were both murdered with Fast and Furious guns.  Their families have filed wrongful death lawsuits against the federal government.

The Terry lawsuit claims that the federal officials "created, organized, implemented and/or participated in a plan - code named 'Operation Fast and Furious' - to facilitate the distribution of dangerous firearms to violent criminals" and that they "knew or should have known that their actions would cause substantial injuries, significant harm, and even death to Mexican and American civilians and law enforcement, but were recklessly indifferent to the consequence of their actions."  Eric Holder has been found in contempt of Congress for refusing to release requested documented to congressional investigators, and he appears to have committed perjury in his testimony.

FORT HOOD: Juanita Warman, Libardo Caraveo, John P. Gaffaney, Russell Seager, Justin Decrow, Amy Krueger, Jason Hunt, Frederick Greene, Aaron Nemelka, Michael Pearson, Kham Xiong, Francheska Velez (and unborn child, and Michael G. Cahill.

On November 5, 2009, Army Major Nidal Hasan opened fire on a group of soldiers preparing to deploy to Iraq, killing 13 and wounding 32.  Associates raised repeated questions about his strange behavior but were squashed by what they call the Pentagon's "political correctness."  A devout Muslim, Hasan was in extensive communication with al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, printed up business cards that read "Soldier of Allah," dressed in Islamic martyrdom garb, and handed out korans the morning of the attack.  He screamed "Allahu Akbar" as he opened fire.

Nevertheless, Obama refuses to deem the largest attack on a U.S. military installation in history a terrorist assault, insisting that it be classified "workplace violence."  Hasan's victims have been denied Purple Hearts.  Fort Hood hero Kimberly Munley told ABC News that Obama "betrayed" her and the other victims.  "Not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of," she said.  "In fact, they've been neglected."

NAVY SEAL TEAM VI HELICOPTER CRASH IN AFGHANISTAN, AUGUST 2011: Jonas B. Kelsall, Louis J. Langlais, Thomas A. Ratzlaff, Kraig M. Vickers, Brian R. Bill, John W. Faas, Kevin A. Houston, Matthew D. Mason, Stephen M. Mills, Nicholas H. Null, Robert J. Reeves, Heath M. Robinson, Darrik C. Benson, Christopher G. Campbell, Jared W. Day, John Douangdara, Michael J. Strange, Jon T. Tumilson, Aaron C. Vaughn, Jason R. Workman, Jesse D. Pittman, Nicholas P. Spehar, David R. Carter, Bryan J. Nichols, Patrick D. Hamburger, Alexander J. Bennett, Spencer C. Duncan, John W. Brown, Andrew W. Harvell, and Daniel L. Zerbe.  

On May 2, 2011, members of SEAL Team VI invaded Osama bin Laden's Pakistani compound and killed him.  Three months later, 30 American troops, most of them members of SEAL Team VI, were shot down by the Taliban over Afghanistan.

On May 9, 2013, families of the fallen held a press conference to accuse Barack Obama of complicity in their deaths.  They charged Obama with endangering SEAL Team VI by breaking protocol and revealing its identity as bin Laden's killers.  They also revealed that their sons were sent to battle with inadequate equipment and air support and denied requested pre-assault fire.

The families played a video of their sons' military funeral.  No mention of the Judeo-Christian God was allowed, but the Pentagon invited a Muslim cleric to speak, who cursed their sons in Arabic as infidels condemned to hell.

Karen Vaughn, mother of fallen SEAL Aaron Vaughn, said, "Why was there no pre-assault fire? We were told as families because pre-assault fire damages our efforts to win the hearts and mind of our enemy. In other words, the hearts and mind of our enemy are more valuable to this government than my son's blood."

Alas, I have no room to name all the troops killed by Obama's crippling Rules of Engagement.  "American troops are needlessly exposed to increased enemy attack, suffer unnecessary casualties, cannot secure or control the indigenous population and are not allowed to deny freedom of movement or maneuver to the Taliban," according to a tactical commander in Afghanistan.  As a result, more than twice as many American soldiers have died in Afghanistan under four years of Obama than in eight years under Bush.

Nor do I have room to list all the Americans murdered and maimed by the illegal aliens to whom Obama shows such special devotion.  This week, Chris Crane, president of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers union, said Obama has "attempted to shut down" border enforcement and "absolutely" tied law enforcement's hands. Recently, Obama released 5,000 criminal aliens from jail, blaming sequestration cuts, and created special protections against deportation for illegal aliens with "serious mental disorders."

In the White House lives the man with the blood-red hands.  The screams and sobs of his victims grow louder by the day.

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