Sunday, May 11, 2014

Benghazi Hearings Committee Announcement Showcases Democrat Schizophrenia

May 11, 2014

It didn’t take long for the Democrat ruling class, infesting Washington’s power corridors, to become habituated to saying something and having it accepted as truth without question.  When anything happens to disrupt their sojourn amongst the unicorns of their fancy, however, Democrats have a tendency to resort to doubling down on dogmatic mythology to score points, relying on volume and repetition instead of sense.

For years, despite the best/worst efforts of the Democrat party to subvert the cause and meaning behind the Benghazi attack, the people have remained outraged and have refused to be shielded from a Democrat political agenda that has yet to be laid bare.  When e-mails, previously redacted and withheld from Congress, were unearthed by Judicial Watch’s successful lawsuit against The White House, John Boehner reversed his previous stance on launching investigative hearings on Benghazi.  It appeared that not only had there been a deliberately fabricated tale, instructing Obama's minions on what to say and how to say it, but the e-mail specifically stated that the tale was designed to serve the president’s agenda – to make him look good and deny that Benghazi had anything to do with faulty presidential policies.

The White House immediately began to try to defuse the bomb they’d launched.  Jay Carney denied that he’d ever lied then denied that the e-mails, written in plain English, really were about Benghazi at all.  But it was too late.

The story had exploded, and the demand for House hearings could no longer be dodged, even by Boehner.  An undisguised antagonist of the conservative base, Boehner nevertheless appointed Congressman Trey Gowdy, R-SC, a hard-line conservative, to chair the committee.  Gowdy’s appointment as chairman made matters worse for Democrats.  Cue Democrat panic.

Depending on who is being quoted, Democrat strategy for containing the fallout is all over the map. 
  Responses in the last couple of days range from muddled vehemence to sanctimonious pity to attempts to convince America that the committee is nothing but a political gambit.  FOX News quoted Nancy Pelosi

 Her comments appeared to display equal parts projection and Dissociative Identity Disorder: “What we've asked for is as much bipartisanship as possible,” but also, “[t]he fact is this is a stunt. This is a political stunt; that's what this is. We've been there, done this, over and over again.”

Then there is CNN’s report, citing Steny Hoyer, number-two Democrat in the House.  Hoyer seems to share the afflictions.  He called for meaningful bipartisanship: “If they [Republicans] want to have a substantive effort, it ought to be an equally balanced committee so this is not an exercise in partisanship.”  He urged a Democrat boycott in the next breath: “Hoyer said he would urge all fellow Democrats to vote against the bill creating the [committee].”  Just to be certain that he’d covered all of the bases, Hoyer’s parting shot attempted to sell the idea that a House investigation proves that Republicans believe that Darrell Issa is incompetent: “Either they [the House] think Mr. Issa is a competent chairman and is pursuing a competent investigation or they don't[.]”  Darrell Issa, who doesn’t think he is incompetent, supports the House hearing and is a huge advocate for Trey Gowdy serving as chair.

The back-benchers contribute to the Democrat spin cycle.  Charles Rangel, D-NY, shares his own Sybil-wannabe moment. provided a platform:
  • Ennui: "I don't think people, Americans, Democratic or Republicans, are going to lose sleep over Benghazi.
  • Pity: “I think it's tragic that the Republican Party would destroy itself in 2016 by not having one issue that the American people believe should be a priority…”
  • Deflection: Issa's Oversight Committee “has had all of these hours and days and weeks and months investigating this, that now you're saying you have no confidence in him, so you have to bring in a new member to head up a new committee to find the answers?”
Democrats resurrect bipartisanship only when they are at a disadvantage.  Remember when they lost the House in 2010?  After losing over 60 seats, Democrats insisted that their meager numbers be seated among the Republicans, who vastly outnumbered them, during the State of the Union speech.  That had never been done before.  It had nothing to do with “bipartisanship”; they didn’t want to look bad in front of a television audience.  Strangely enough, the issue of bipartisanship didn’t trouble Democrats when they literally locked Republicans out of House Oversight and Government Reform Committee meetings in 2009.

 Even The Daily Beast, a longtime supporter of POTUS, came out against the disgraceful behavior of Democrat subterfuge from the top down.  A column, written by Ron Christie, despite negative comments about the president, cannot be attributable to racism.  Mr. Christie, too, is black.
I read with interest my Daily Beast colleague Michael Tomasky’s column Wednesday, in which he asserted that the establishment of a Special Select Committee to investigate Benghazi is nothing more than bulls**t…I’m troubled by the motivation of many on the left, who have sought to demonize anyone who questions the narrative the Obama administration has spun…I’ll tell you what’s BS, Mr. Tomasky: The Obama administration has misled, dissembled, and otherwise given the finger to the families of those who lost their lives that night in service to their country…We need a Special Select Committee on Benghazi to…ensure that such a disaster never occurs again. We need truth, not bullsh*t, from the president and his administration, but so far, that’s all they’ve been shoveling.
One can only hope that Democrats, in their misguided arrogance, will elect to boycott the House Benghazi hearings.  Unlike ObamaCare, IRS and NSA misdealing, and a rogue Justice Department, this is an issue with persistent “legs.”  Americans remain infuriated at the ham-handed, derisive, and insultingly incompetent arguments Democrats have thrown against the wall, hoping that something – anything – will stick.

If Democrats in the House take their ball and go home, it will provide final evidence to anyone watching that they are craven hypocrites rather than persecuted victims of Republican injustice.