Friday, May 13, 2011

It’s Called Crooks And Liars For A Reason

Dan  RiehlPosted by Dan Riehl May 12th 2011 at 9:00 am in New Media, media bias

Leftist Crooks and Liars blog launches a disingenuous attack this way today.  With Leftist Chicago-like crooks in control of the administration, it’s no surprise that its team of Leftist liars in the blogosphere are still lying, as usual.

Regarding recent revelations regarding a labor studies program at the University of Missouri – which includes this compelling first-person narrative from student whistle-blower Philip Christofanelli, C&L attempts to make him and Breitbart Media the bad actors.

Christofanelli wasn’t confessing to anything; he did nothing wrong. The brave young man peeled back the scab of an activist pro-union class dressed up to look like a legitimate bit of secondary education. C&L must have majored in labor studies, obviously they are not well educated, or they would not put confession in quotes in this excerpt. They aren’t quoting anything, but merely making it up to support thier disingenuous narrative.

BigGovernment published a “confession” of sorts called a “first-hand account” from Phillip Christofanelli, a young Ron Paul devotee, ardent member of the St. Louis chapter of Young Americans for Liberty (YAF), was a Ron Paul delegate in 2008….
Nor should it surprise that they then attempt to smear the student. The Left will smear anyone and anything which opposes it. It’s who they are and what they do every day.

From there, they jump to their usual nonsense about James O’Keefe, as the Left has already invested so much time and energy in smearing him. What they seek to do is a dishonest tactic and nothing more. Given that they want to smear a student and Insurgent Visuals, it’s their hope that any link, however irrelevant, or tenuous, they can manufacture to someone, or something else they’ve already smeared will allow them to get away with playing the guilt by association game.

Such tactics will not prevail in the age of new media. With the publication of information so available to the Right today thanks to new media and outlets like the Big sites, as they are often called, and others, the lies and smears of the crooks and liar of the Left are easily exposed and refuted, if need be.

The Right, including O’Keefe and also the Bigs, can be content to let the record speak for itself in this and other cases. From ACORN, to NPR, a teacher’s union in New Jersey and various other stories, what we have produced is results, while the Left is left to froth and smear to its political black heart’s content but no genuine effect.

If they want to whistle past the graveyard, while honest activists and whistle-blowers continue to attack and damage the institutional Left, let them do it. All they are whistling is, ultimately, only a funeral dirge. We’re not going to stop, or be silenced in any manner going forward. We’re going to keep going after them based upon any false charge or account, least of all, one of theirs.

Watching them blurt and squirm in the aftermath is just another feature of what we do. Personally, I like to think of it as a perk! Whatever will we do for fun as they continue to become even less and less relevant to American politics?

[Ed. note: We're please that Crooks and Liars blogger Karoli got the names of her subjects correct this time.]

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