Sunday, May 8, 2011

What It Means To Be A Democrat

Sunday, May 1, 2011
Posted by John

Democrat? The word seems to ring with the resonance of republic, with ancient notions of Grecian democracy, and of enlightened political theory. However, the democratic party of the American Republic is a pale mockery of the form which it apes--a democratic republic. Our two party system sprang from the heated federalist and anti-federalist debates. In case you were wondering, our system of government is not a democracy, direct rule of the majority, but rather a republic; a system of government constrained by law derived from the consent of the governed. The federalists argued against many inherent rights just won from the English and favored continued subservience to King George III. The federalists were the pustulant womb from which our modern democrat party springs--totalitarian in orientation from its inception. The anti-federalists argued for inherent rights derived from Judeo-christian principle and gave rise to the modern republican party. Historically, democrat has been synonymous with the backward, anti-intellectual, and totalitarian impulse in American politics.

From America's earliest periods, the democrat party championed the basest predilections of the human mind. The democrat party was and is the party of slavery. In southern states, democrats opposed the emancipation of black slaves and took up arms in an attempt to preserve this despicable practice against the advancing armies of the North--the armies of a republican president, Abraham Lincoln. Democrats opposed the advancement of civil rights following the civil war through segregation legislation in the South.

Recent history shows the the democrat party has not lost it's racist "plantation" mentality, though its tactics have become a bit subtler since the days of clapping chains on African limbs. Through the democrat party's industry of racism, minorities have been imbued with the doctrine of victimization and helplessness, necessitating rescue from the party's powerful and enlightened leadership. This intellectual subjugation of minorities has led countless tens of thousands to be bound by chains forged of the mind, creating new plantations of slaves, a ready and permanent constituency of the incapable and victimized.

The democrat party is the party of "big brother," of no dissent and adherence to the party line. The democrat party is the party of the monolithic media establishment, who grind out party talking points without critical comment. The democrat party is the party of rabid hate speech and anti-feminism; consider the deconstruction of Sarah Palin.

What does it mean to be a democrat? It means that one must sell his or her liberty in order to purchase the illusion of security and safety. I'm reminded of Patrick Henry's words: "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?" The old democrat party of slavery is still the party of oppression. You just have to look past the smiling faces and tailored suits.

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