Monday, January 16, 2012

Overblown Urine-Gate Story Reflects a Left-Wing Media Tired of Pretending They Respect Our Troops

John NoltePosted by John Nolte Jan 16th 2012 at 12:21 pm in Mainstream Media, Military, media bias

People don’t evolve over only four decades, certainly not leftists. During the Vietnam War, the left was pretty sure that trashing the United States Military as “baby killers” and the like would win them supporters.

Instead, they felt a public relations blowback that exists to this day. As a response, the left didn’t stop hating our troops; they simply changed their tactics. Today, these leftists carefully hide their hatred and contempt for the military, because they know that that opinion is an unpopular one. I’m not saying this is true about about everyone on the left, but the extreme way in which some in the media have intentionally over-reacted and overblown a story about a few Marines caught urinating on the dead bodies of the Taliban has finally revealed who these people are.

Should those young Marines have done what they did? Of course not. Is what they did worthy of a story?

Yes, it is. But is it the kind of behavior worth the media storm that’s been brewing for going on for a week now? Absolutely not.

This is simply the leftist MSM’s way of smearing the troops by pretending they’re not smearing the troops.

We’re just reporting, donchaknow.

You see, over time, those on left who are currently obsessed with this story probably got tired of posing as outlets and individuals who revere America’s fighting men and women. The pent-up pressure of living this lie and all the frustration that goes along with that finally let go, and now we have mountains built from molehills and a nothingburger turned into an international scandal. The pressure valve burst and the troop-hatred came forth thinly disguised as “reporting.”

There comes a time when legitimate reporting turns into a ginned-up narrative, and some in the MSM crossed that line days ago.

Moreover, some MSM troop-haters have gone even further by attacking Dana Loesch over her defense of these same Marines. Loesch says something  on a local St. Louis radio station, and the MSM generates story after story after story about it — once again turning a nothingburger into something international. But again, this is the leftist MSM feeding their bigotry with what they see as a two-fer.  First off, the trumped up Loesch story keeps the story about the Marines alive and secondly, those in the MSM have an excuse to release all that pent-up hate and aggression they hold towards the one thing they hate more than the troops: strong, independent women who reject the left.

The United States Marines stand and fight for America and liberty, they believe in something bigger than themselves, and deep down inside this nobility and selflessness shames and exposes the left.

And there’s nothing the left hates more than feeling ashamed and exposed.

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