Thursday, February 9, 2012

The ObamaCare Mandate Against Freedom of Conscience: It’s Only A Constitutional Crisis Because Liberals Want Government Healthcare

Members of the Obama administration do not care whether Catholics and those of other faiths are angry about the ObamaCare mandate regarding contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs. It’s quite possible that, like exhibitionists, the White House enjoys the shock value that accompanies all their edicts and executive orders to people of main-street America. Waiting for average Americans to recover from the shock gives them a window of time to amuse themselves at the reaction as they also develop their talking points and spin. But, this year, they have an election to win.

To appease those they view as rigid, conservative Catholics, the administration’s talking points are that they’ll “work it out” with them, give them a year to “adapt” their consciences to engaging in behavior that is against their values, and, perhaps, the favorite means of the White House to ensure a minimum of voter loss: hand out a waiver.

But, exactly what should be “worked out?” “Adapt” to what? A “waiver” from what? All of this talk of flexibility is helping the White House to muddy up the real issue.

The spin by the White House, in the midst of this constitutional crisis, is simply a variant on its age- old theme that healthcare is an unalienable right that the government must give to people. Remember that, in liberalism, unalienable rights come from the government, not from the Creator. With the contraception, etc. mandate, the administration just tweaked the message a bit- made it a bit “pinker,” dare we say: that all women deserve access to free contraception- including Catholic women. How could we leave Catholic women out? After all, that would be discriminatory, right? Wrong.

Women do not deserve access to free contraception, sterilization, or abortion-inducing drugs. The word deserve is the linchpin to the common liberal ploy of guilt induction that can only be assuaged, according to liberals, by government intervention. To deserve something is to be entitled to it. Enter the government.
Women- Catholic or not- do not deserve contraception. They choose it. They choose it because they choose to have sexual intercourse. If they choose to have sexual intercourse and do not wish to become pregnant, they take a risk. If they do not wish to take that risk, they could choose not to have sex. If they choose to have sex anyway, then they should pay for contraceptives if they wish to minimize their chances of becoming pregnant. It’s really not so hard.

If women had health savings accounts, which would allow them to purchase health-related needs out of pocket, they could use those accounts to buy contraceptives. They would be free to make their own choices.

If they have ObamaCare, they have no choice because the government tells them- and everyone else- how their healthcare dollars will be spent. With ObamaCare, women- and everyone else- pay for those contraceptives, even if they are middle-aged and no longer need them.

To manipulate women- and everyone else- into feeling good about the fact that, with ObamaCare, there is no personal choice in spending healthcare dollars, the Obama administration is telling everyone that women deserve, that they are entitled to, free contraceptives. But, they are lying, because, in the end, women who would choose to purchase contraceptives would spend significantly less if they bought them with their own healthcare dollars from their own health savings account than through the high cost of health insurance and taxes associated with ObamaCare. If we own our health insurance plans, we make the decisions about how the dollars are spent, we look for the best buys for our money, or maybe we choose not to buy at all. When we all become consumers, costs come down, and we are in charge of our bodies.

If those who are outraged by this mandate cave to any attempt by the Obama administration to assuage their ire, they will be committing the same mistake they made in the first place: supporting government intervention in healthcare. Indeed, some in the Church have screwed up big time in its support of government intervention, under the guise of social justice. It is unfortunate that these individuals have contributed to this issue becoming the constitutional crisis it is, simply because they bought into the idea that government should provide the same healthcare for everyone. It is unfortunate that they bought into the idea that government should have the job of redistributing wealth rather than the people themselves who, history has shown, actually do a pretty good job of it on their own, through their own personal charitable donations.

Because some in the Church welcomed government intervention in healthcare, they may be willing to accept a “waiver” of sorts, from the contraception, etc. mandate, from the Obama administration, if one is offered. In that case, however, they will have skirted around the real issue. The big elephant in the room of why anyone at all, private insurers included, Catholic or not, should be forced, by the government, to provide free contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs will be overlooked and obfuscated by the allaying of a perceived constitutional crisis concerning freedom of religion.

Liberal women who say they deserve free contraception from the government, are, quite frankly, selling their bodies to the government. They are the least liberated women of all. If the government gives you something because it says you deserve it, it then has a stake in you, and it owns you. Women who make their own choices and use their own dollars to purchase products based on those choices, are, indeed, liberated.

If all Americans used their own healthcare dollars to make their own purchases for their healthcare needs, they would be much freer and likely have more of their own money to boot.

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