Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Spine Has Stiffened

10 Nov 2012

 The conservative movement took it pretty good on the chin earlier this week. President Obama and his liberal allies mobilized their vote and got it out very effectively in the key states. On Tuesday night, as I went to bed, I was extremely down and out. But on Wednesday, as the sun rose, my spine stiffened and it was a brand new day.  Our conservative cause has taken hits again and again, and each time we come back stronger. We must not back down now and throw away our values for the sake of political expediency. We must take the fight to the Left and liberal mainstream media. We must not bow, but instead take on those who want to fundamentally change our country for the worse.

Looking to the future, our conservative movement has a great bench of up-and-coming stars. Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, just to name a few, will all have a seat at the table as we rebuild our party and take the fight into the 2014 midterms and beyond. I have full confidence these outstanding conservative leaders will put our party on the right path and take on President Obama as he continues to try to move America towards a European socialist style of government.

We have a $16 trillion debt and rising, 46 million Americans are on food stamps, and unemployment is nearly at 8 percent. President Obama now cannot say he inherited a bad hand, because it is his own failed record that's his legacy.

Republicans must make the case for free markets and smaller government. We must be optimistic in the fact that our principles are the best for future generations and find a way to communicate that to our youth. It is freighting that we lost the youth vote again in a big way. It is their future that is under attack by President Obama, and they still do not know it. That is why it is incumbent upon all of us to resolve to spread the conservative message, especially to younger generations.

We must strengthen our resolve and stand up and fight for our conservative principles. We must get stronger for the good of our nation’s future. President Obama might have won the latest battle, but the war of ideas continues, and it is a war we can ultimately win.

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