Monday, March 25, 2013

Media Put Pro-Obama Propaganda Over Airline Safety

The only thing more absurd than a federal government so out of control it can't cut enough bloat, repetition, and waste to keep those control towers open, is the fact that our media plays along. Rather than hold the White House accountable for refusing the GOP's offer for some discretion over the cuts,  the media keeps right on parroting Obama's talking points that the government is too small.
What we're currently seeing from the media is almost all lies of omission and pro-government propaganda. And as proof, out of the hundreds of stories the media has written while wringing their left-wing hands over nothing-cuts, I submit to you the only three I've been able to find that tell the real sequester story.
The first is Sharyl Attkisson's CBS News report on the IRS wasting $60,000 in taxpayer money on a "Star Trek" spoof.
The second is a Breitbart News exclusive about the First Daughters spring-breaking at a Paradise Island resort.
The third is about $385,000 being spent by the federal government to study duck penises.
It is unconscionable that our government and our media continue to stand helplessly by as airport control towers go unmanned. Rather than scramble to do whatever is necessary to protect pilots and passengers by reallocating resources from the unnecessary to the necessary, they prefer instead to push propaganda.  

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