Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sen. Cornyn: 'Open the People's House'

 This Spring Break, thousands of students visiting DC won't be able to enjoy a time-honored tradition - a self-guided tour of the White House. President Obama canceled the tours, asserting that he needed to trim $2 million from the Secret Service budget as a result of the automatic sequester cuts. TX Sen. John Cornyn has blasted this decision and released a video demanding that the "People's House" be reopened to the public.  “Kids from Texas and across the country have been shut out of the White House because the President wanted to make the sequester as painful as possible," Sen. Cornyn told Breitbart News.

"Though billions in actual government waste have been identified for him, the President continues to insist on scare tactics to make a political point," Cornyn added. "When will he finally eliminate actual excess rather than shutting the doors of the People’s House to students on spring break?”

Cornyn's office estimates that, through April, over 1,000 Texas students will be denied the chance to tour the White House. As the Obama White House uses the cancellation of tours to trim Secret Service spending, the Obama family has increased Secret Service costs by taking a vacation a month so far in 2013. On Monday, Breitbart reported that First Daughters, Sasha and Malia, are spending Spring Break in the Bahamas.

The added Secret Service costs for the Bahamas vacation could likely have been used to keep the tours open through Spring Break. Of course, such a shift in priorities wouldn't allow Obama to score cheap political points. At least the First Family will have a nice Spring Break.

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