Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Sarah Palin is Ten Times the Leader Barack Could Ever Hope to Be

Political-Brawl: Sarah Barracuda v. Barack "Joker" Obama

 By Kelly O'Connell  Sunday, October 31, 2010

“Obama against Palin—Are you nuts? Barack would wipe the floor with Sarah in every category without even trying!” Well, that’s what many Americans said when comparing the two in 2008. But oh, my—how the worm has turned! With Barack spending his whole presidency falling in the polls (now at 37%), even his own party can only hope to be elected by pretending they don’t know him.

Barack, WHO?” is the new Democrat political slogan. Opposite is Sarah, evolved into a kingmaker whose mere touch energized many marginal candidates across the nation. Palin waxes while Obama wanes.
“Palin versus Obama” well sums up the values at stake in the Nov. 2nd election. This race boils down to a battle of two philosophies. The first theory accepts that human weakness is trumped by the vicious unpredictability of life. The other theory chooses optimism, saluting the ambition of typical Americans when challenged. One way represents growth and life; the other stands for envy, fear, capitulation, and death.
The following comparison explains why Obama is a permanently failed leader while Palin shows the way towards national revival

I. Economics: Barack Marx v. Supply-Side Sarah

Obama: Obama prefers government ownership of private companies, buying (zombie) banks and failed auto makers; higher taxes; deficit spending; a larger government workforce; and increasing unemployment benefits, etc Barack wants government to take the risk out of capitalism. He badly needs to tax the “rich” at a high rate. In essence, Obama believes government creates the economy, sustains, and fixes it. He brags millions of jobs were saved by his Stimulus. Despite our currently hobbled economy, Obama gathered the largest payroll ever, at 2.15 million federal employees. Is that change we can believe in, or can even afford?
What results from Obamanomics? An unprecedented wave of deficits, unemployment and states battling for survival. This could only be “success” if your goal was to return humans to cave dwelling. Too bad Obama didn’t study the economics of President Reagan, whom he claimed to admire. But what is the upside of all this crazy spending? Obama can’t even explain it himself.

Palin: A longtime free markets advocate, Sarah touts the opposite economics of Obama. She opposes deficit spending, growing government, or increasing taxes. We know this from her policies while Alaska governor. She recently called Barack’s economy “backasswards.”
Obamanomics is a laughingstock. Real unemployment nears 18%. A Harvard economics professor just released a study proving the Stimulus is a dismal failure. Further, a Nobel laureate says the US economy will limp for another decade. With taxes rising, and deficits spiraling, we’re told Obamacare will cost more than it saves, killing almost a million jobs. Compare this to Alaska with no state income tax. They also give residents cash from the “Permanent Fund” yearly.
Advantage: Palin

II. Leadership Instincts: Whining & Blaming v. Cheerful Trench Warfare

Obama: Obama is excoriated for a lackluster, timid, inept and confused style of leading. It resembles community organizer Saul Alinsky more than Lincoln. Even liberals are now slamming him. A classic example was his disappearance during the Gulf Oil Spill. He not only refused to organize efforts, but even blocked the actions of others. Obama further attacked the Gulf Coast economy by shutting down all oil rigs, even defiying a judge’s order. And what does it say of his leadership that his one suggestion is, “More Government Spending” when economics problems linger? The fact analysts are almost forced to conclude Obama is purposefully sabotaging the economy to make sense of his decisions is all anyone needs to know about his “leadership” style.

Palin: Instead of hand-wringing over personal attacks and scurrilous “ethics investigations” Alaska Democrats nonsensically filed against her, Palin punted and regrouped. After writing a book, she returned to politics as a national adviser. Now, has anyone done a better job of grooming candidates or building followers than Palin? And does she harangue her followers, accusing them of not enough loyalty or guts, like Barack? Instead, mimicking Reagan, Sarah tries to educate and encourage her base while grooming individual candidates.
Advantage: Palin

III. US World Relations: Globalist v. America First

Would Palin’s Treasury Secretary say the US needs to shrink in the world economy, or its OK if the dollar is no longer the world currency? Would Palin insult the British by sending back a bust of Churchill, America’s best WWII ally? Would she support the attempted coup by Honduras’ rogue president, or refuse to criticize Iran’s corrupt elections? Would she continually condemn Israel while repeatedly touting Islam’s peacefulness, despite 60 years of attempting to wipe out the Jewish state? Would Palin repeatedly travel to other countries to criticize America, like Obama has? Of course not.

Palin: Sarah would approach our friends with deference, and our enemies with a resolute attitude.
Advantage: Palin

IV. Role of Government: Big Brother Versus Daniel Boone

Obama: It’s pretty obvious that Barack believes government needs to grow. Would Palin have bailed out GM and Chrysler, hired 16,000 new IRS agents, have grown the budget by 32%, and has increase the budget more during his first 19 months than all previous presidents combined? Obama’s deficits will average a trillion dollars a year for the next decade, although the Congressional Budget Office say it is under-reported by a trillion. Obama acts like the purpose for having a budget is to create deficits. But what are we buying with these colossal deficits, which future earners must earn? Would wilderness Sarah grow government by 25%, like Obama during a recession when tax income plummets? The question answers itself.

Palin: Sarah represents that old American value of self-reliance. You know, the virtue liberals hate most of all? People like Palin used to be more common in American, even in government—as all the Founders prove. Through hard work, ingenuity, virtuousness, faith in self and God, and belief in America’s founding principles the USA became the greatest country in history. Palin represents this.
Advantage: Palin

V. Brains: Ivy League Snob v. Classic America Common Sense

Obama: It was roundly proclaimed when Obama was elected he was a “genius,” as if this were a fact as readily ascertained as the temperature at which water freezes. Presidential historian Michael Beschloss said on the Don Imus Show: “his IQ is off the charts” and he is “probably the smartest guy ever to become president.” But after so many stupid errors, poor policy decisions, and an apparent inability to learn from mistakes, very few call Obama a genius, anymore.

It doesn’t help Barack is pathologically incapable of delivering off-the-cuff comments. He drags a teleprompter around like Linus’s blanket—to every event, even setting one up for a grade school address. He even uses one in cabinet meetings. (Barack’s home model even failed!) He once read a foreign leader’s speech without noticing, and actually thanked himself. Even Chris “Thrillupmyleg” Matthews and Walter Mondale criticized Obama using these “idiot boards.” (and does BO even lip-sync?)

An interesting article questions whether Obama is at all an intellectual, stating, “Occam’s razor suggests that Obama is a mere conformist—someone who absorbed every left-wing platitude he encountered in college and never seems to have seriously questioned any of them.”

Palin: Sarah doesn’t have an Ivy League pedigree. Instead, she has common sense. Believing budgets must be balanced and spending should be paired with tax revenues is now rare wisdom. But Palin gets grudging respect from unexpected sources. After all, it’s highly unlikely she’d beat a sitting governor in a primary and a former governor in the general election, as she did in her first run, if not astute.
 Advantage: Palin

VI. Faith: Unknown Commitments v. Unambiguous Belief

Obama: Who knows what Obama really believes? For example, is Obama the Christian he claims, or a closeted Muslim? If the former, why always build up Islam, even using NASA? And why the relentless attacks against the Bible? Would Obama tout a church near Ground Zero, or just mosques? Further, did Obama really not know his pastor of over 20 years is a Marxist with racist theology? If Obama is a secret Marxist, as his economic actions suggest, or a closet Muslim, as his religious enthusiasms indicate—doesn’t that mean his Christianity is a sham? After all, why does Islam in its Arabian homeland allow no churches and execute ministers? Or why did the communists always ask pastors to preach socialism, or die in concentration camps?

Palin: Sarah has never presented herself as anything but Evangelical Christian. This is extremely refreshing. She doesn’t feel the need to continually hide her beliefs about God, Capitalism, and America. Her straightforward faith makes it easier to understand her motivations. Further, her belief in the rights of all people, not just those defended by Political Correctness is a huge plus. Barack is too biased to ever treat all Americans fairly. Sarah believes what America’s first English residents did.
 Advantage: Palin

Ten Horrible Obama Decisions Palin Would Refuse


Palin rejected Stimulus funds for Alaska, and claims Obama should have vetoed the bill, saying “You’re going to have the Chinese and other foreign governments buying up more U.S. Debt.” ‘Nuff said.

Slamming Christianity, Touting Islam, Bowing to Pagan Kings

As a committed Christian, Palin would not absorb anti-American racist sermons, criticize the Bible, or mock the church. And as a patriot, Sarah knows how important Christian faith was to the building of America. For example, the US Constitution is a form of biblical covenant, and Federal theory of government was taken from ancient Israel. Further, the first Americans came here for religious freedom for Christianity. But can anyone imagine Palin going out of her way to defend and advocate for Islam? When Obama bows to foreign leaders, especially Muslims, what does he think he’s achieving? It just doesn’t seem like Palin would do something so strange and unbecoming of a US leader.

Cutting Charitable Giving Tax Write-Offs

In light of current economic struggles hitting hardest the poorest Americans, it’s sad Obama removed much tax advantage of giving to charity almost as soon as he entered office. It’s inconceivable Palin would do the same, which reduced charitable giving, forcing the poor to look increasingly at government for aid.

Publicly Announcing Afghan Withdrawal

Perhaps Obama wanted to make sure his supporters knew he was leaving Afghanistan ASAP, but announcing the date could only embolden our enemies. No way does Palin do something so transparently dangerous as this.

Nationalizing Healthcare

An opponent of big government, and fan of the democratic process, it’s inconceivable Palin would force passage of this gigantic bill, especially as Obama had to deceive and manipulate to do so. But think of how much happier those 60% who want it repealed would be if he had not done so. Further, imagine of how many more would consider him a good leader had he not. Worse, healthcare will degenerate under this bill.

Cap & Trade

Palin considers Global Warming a hoax. Increasingly, science agrees. Cap and Tax is meant to alleviate carbon, but Palin opposes this. Economists describe how it will destroy our economy’s vitality. But as a socialist, Obama doesn’t care if its true. He just wants to reallocate US resources to other countries.

Killing DC School Vouchers

Since vouchers help DC minorities get a better education, as a caring person, Palin would not cancel these just to placate a union, as Obama did.

Not Helping His Brother in Kenya Slum

A disturbing story was when Obama visited Kenya and met his destitute brother, living off a dollar a month. Barack gave him nothing. Does family generosity seem like something Palin would avoid, if she had been a multimillionaire senator? And was Barack being honest when he said, “I am my brother’s keeper”? Apparently not.


One of the first executive decisions Obama made was to cancel Bush’s abortion restrictions. The single issue Barack has the strongest record of advocating for is abortion, even of full-term babies, ie “partial birth abortion.” Palin is opposed to abortions and even had a child she knew was mentally handicapped.

Bonus: Refusing to Show Birth Certificate

Who knows where Obama was born? But it’s unimaginable Palin—if her birth was questioned—would refuse to show her birth certificate. She would know that such issues, even if meritless, could only take away her reputation of legitimacy.

Conclusion: Palin Dwarfs Obama in Leadership Skills

As proved, Palin utterly buries Obama in every important leadership category. Barack prefers to lecture, moralize, and judge Americans, deciding who is acceptable, instead of leading all Americans to greater prosperity and saftety. This is exactly what he recently did encouraging Latinos to “punish your enemies.”

Now, ask yourself—If you had money to invest, would you trust Obama or Palin first? If you needed help or a favor, would it be Palin or Obama you called? And if you were curious about the love of God, would you ask Sarah or Barack?

Palin, like Reagan, tries to persuade Americans which way to go, through logic, humor and charm. But Obama wants to force Americans to do the “right thing” without ever bothering to explain why. In this, he’s a classic tyrant. This is why Ben Quayle claims Barack Obama is the worst president in history. The emperor has no clothes; he lacks any leadership skills. More disturbing, Obama doesn’t care for what most Americans would call virtue, fairness, justice, or even love for the average American. For these reasons, and more—Sarah Palin dwarfs Barack Obama in leadership skills.

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