Monday, December 26, 2011

Rep. Steve King’s Family Bible & His Fight Against Discrimination, Racism & Reparations

I thought this video interview with Rep. Steve King (R – IA) would be a nice Christmas present for “Dr.” John Boyd and attorney Al Pires, the Pigford Settlement hucksters who has profited at the expense of  black farmers.  They have repeatedly called the people trying to expose their fraud racists, including Congressman King.

When I was interviewing Rep King this part February in his office in Washington, he asked to stop the interview to show me something; a Bible that one of his ancestors carried in the Civil War while fighting to end slavery. I asked him to tell the story on camera and he’s what I shot. Rep. King opposes the fake reparations scam that people like Boyd and Pires are running and as this video makes clear, he also opposes racism and discrimination.

This little Christmas gift is also my way of letting Pires, Boyd, Burrell, Vilsack, Holder, Issa, Grassley, President Obama and others that we have lots more Pigford presents coming for them in the new year. Enjoy your Eggnog, gentlemen.

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