Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Move Along, Mullahs Say, ‘Nothing to See Here’

The following comes from someone in the financial industry who for professional reasons must remain anonymous:

Rep. Peter King’s  congressional hearings last month on the radical threat from Islam has been on the receiving end of caterwauling from liberals, Muslim radicals, assorted allies of the religion of peace, including the lame-stream media.  But for the all the protests the numbers speak for themselves.
First of all, nearly all the armed conflicts that are either recent or in progress around the world, not even withstanding the recent uprisings in Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Tunisia, have Muslims as a combatant on one side of the conflict, and in some cases, both sides.  Muslims are involved in nearly every recent armed conflict in the world.  Why exactly is that?

Recent wars with Muslim aggressors. In the 1990s violence occurred between Muslims and non-Muslims occurred in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Chechnya, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kashmir, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, the Middle East, Sudan, Nigeria., Algeria, Chad, Sudan (Darfur), Somalia, Erithrea/Ethiopia, Nigeria,Western Sahara, Morocco, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Gaza strip, Cyprus, Pakistan/India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines China, Russia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Armenia, Azerbijan, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Uzbeskistan, Thailand and Kashmir.  Forgive me, if I left any other Islamic battleground out. .

The list would be nearly twice as long if it were to include countries suffering from systemic Islamic terrorism such as in England, Germany, Spain and the United States.
Here is Arab Psychiatrist Wafi Sultan in a clash with Egyptian Islamist cleric on Al-Jazeera TV. You’ll love it!

Domestic Terrorism. Now why should the US hold congressional hearings or be concerned by the religion of peace? First, although most readers haven’t forgotten 9/11, most have forgotten that this was not the first attempt to blow up the World Trade Center.  That happened in 1993. That resulted in merely 1,040 injured and 6 deaths.

Every year, it seems as though the FBI and Interpol are foiling dozens of terrorist plots or actions of Islamic extremists. Unfortunately, some they miss preventing. Last year in Glendale, Arizona, a woman dies from injuries suffered when her father runs her down with a car for being too ‘Westernized.’ Also last year, an owner of a television station in Buffalo, NY which was established to show to Americans the peacefulness and normalcy of Islam in the US, goes on to behead his wife and then uses “spousal abuse” as his defense in court.

Every year, the FBI is intercepting Muslim terrorist plots in the US, few get much coverage.  The last one that did get serious coverage was the foiled Christmas day bomber in 2009.  But that was only one of many that the FBI uncovered.  Every name currently on the FBI terrorist most wanted list are Muslims. Imams are often telling their congregants not to cooperate with the FBI.  Is that a part of freedom of speech or do we have a 3rd column, rife with traitors aide by a complicity and politically correct court system that is aligned with these traitors?  I don’t know if we have a full fledged 3rd column in the US, but it often appears that way.

The Patriotic Muslim. We often hear that the Muslim community is very patriotic and that they love America just like you and I.  But consider this simple litmus test of being an American:
There are just 3,409 Muslims in the active-duty military as of April 2008, according to Pentagon statistics.   However, according to the U.S. News and World Report, there were 5 million Muslims in the US in 2008.   This would put the percentage of Muslims serving in the US military at about .0006 percent.  That’s just 6 ten-thousands of one percent! This is by far, the lowest percentage of any religious or ethnic group in the United States.   And unfortunately, of the few who do serve in the military, watch your back, many may have religious objections to actually fighting in America’s wars.  Certainly, Fort Hood’s Nidal Malik Hasan, a major, a psychiatrist and a certified nutcase, who murdered 13 and wounded 29 others is the most famous objector.

The Arabic speaking shortage at the FBI. Here’s another litmus test for Islamic citizens to show their American patriotism:  Arabic speakers are not seeking positions in the FBI, despite a huge need.  Less than one percent of the Bureaus 12,000 agents can speak any Arabic.   And this dismal record is despite of aggressive marketing efforts to the Arabic community.  It’s not hard to make a reasonable conclusion.  The Arabic speaking community is apparently reluctant to help root out the terrorists among us.

In this video Lebanese born, Brigitte Gabriel, offers an explanation of the Muslim’s national identity schizophrenia in America.  She recounts the growing threat of Islam to Americans. She’s alarmed that 26% of Muslims in America support suicide bombings to achieve Sharia law.

Nearly, every major critic of Islam in Europe or America has a Fatwa for death on their head.  Seattle cartoonist, Molly Norris, of “Draw Mohammed Day” fame is in hiding. And worse, her paper will no longer publish her. Chilling.  South Park creators have a Fatwa too for some mild satire and hired extra security.  Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch filmaker and critic of Islam should have gone into hiding sooner.  He was killed by Islamic radicals for his work.   Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the beautiful, recovering Muslim and writer of Submission, a film critical of Islam, is still in hiding.

Rep. King was right to conduct those hearings.  They were long overdue. But the hearings should be just a beginning to a long investigation as to why home grown terrorism is rampant in the US and what we can do about combating it.  Then comes the heavy lifting; when Americans rise up and change the politically correct policies that are choking us.  We have a long row to hoe.  As of now, we still have a very generous immigration policy to those who hail from nations that support terrorism.  Thank you, Obama, we’ll show you the door in 2012.

Big Peace