Friday, April 22, 2011

Steve Wynn Calls Out Obama and His Media

Ron FutrellPosted by Ron Futrell Apr 22nd 2011 at 7:15 am in ABC, Business, CBS, Economics, Editorialism, GOP, Healthcare, NBC, conservatives

I’ve always appreciated Steve Wynn for his ability to get to the heart of the matter.
We haven’t always agreed on everything, but after nearly 30 years covering him in Las Vegas, I have always found him to be straight forward and upfront. In this day and age of nuisance and innuendo it’s nice to see somebody who tells it like it is.

Wynn pulled no punches this week and called Barack Obama a liar and blasted the media for covering up the failures of this Presidency. Specifically, Wynn told Neil Cavuto on his Fox Business show that many are too kind by using the word, “disingenuous” when Obama lies. Actually, the activist old media rarely go that far with Obama–they either cover-up, or flat out ignore his lies, hoping their viewers/readers can’t remember back more than a day and a half.

Wynn piled it on ObamaCare, talking about how it is now costing 4% more a year to pay for his casino employees health care because of Obama’s unconstitutional plan. My guess is Wynn Resorts will not be getting an ObamaCare waiver (as more than 1,000 of Obama’s favorite companies have) anytime soon.

The LA Times was not too pleased at how Cavuto seemed to agree with Wynn. No duh. We would expect nothing less from the Times.

The “disingenuous” statement was in reference to Obama saying that he was going after “millionaires and billionaires” with his tax increase (that he said he wasn’t going to do) while truth is, Obama is going after people who earn $250,000 a year, or more. Big difference right there. We are all still waiting for the media to call Obama out on this, but we also know we will be waiting for a cold day in Vegas before that happens.
“We’re seeing in the public forum, especially when the President speaks, more baloney being slung at the American people than I can remember in my 69 years of living,” said Wynn.

Then he kept piling it on, “The truth has to come out, the populist rhetoric is designed to hide the truth.” Nice zinger right there aimed at the activist old media. He also challenged anybody who cared to debate him on these issues to step forward and do it. Man up there media and take him on. Love to see you challenge Wynn and see if you can whip a 69-year-old man.

Oh, I’ve seen Wynn at many a title fight over the years, during a few rounds of golf, and I was there when he fired a cannon shot from Treasure Island that knocked down the Dunes (okay, not really—but it was great theatre that night.) Wynn has issued a challenge and I’d be more than willing to pay (and I don’t like to pay for much here in Vegas) to see this battle.  George Foreman won the Heavyweight Championship at 40 years old, and until somebody comes forward to take him on, Wynn is the Undisputed Champ at 69. Oh, and if I know Steve, he still some uppercuts and “haymakers” yet to be thrown. Any tough guys out there in the media wanna step in the ring? I’m guessing not.

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