Thursday, April 28, 2011

Police Union Bosses File Complaint against Police Chief Stopping Crime while he was off-duty

Scranton, PA provides another example that Big Government Unions are more concerned about union power and control than citizens and crime in the street.

This attempt to intimidate a police chief by union bosses is shameless and the city council apparently unanimously agrees:
City Council unanimously passed a motion in support of Police Chief Dan Duffy on Tuesday, asking the police union to withdraw their unfair labor complaint against the city that involves the chief.

 Filed on April 14, the grievance takes issue with Duffy’s off-duty arrest of a man in possession of marijuana on March 20. The chief, who is not part of the collective bargaining unit, should not be allowed to perform bargaining unit work, FOP President Bob Martin explained to council last week, but Duffy would be “legally and morally obligated” to stop a crime if he came upon one in progress.
Martin clarified that the March 20 case was an example of the chief leaving his home to conduct police work, but noted that the chief also “happens to be a part of the collateral damage” in their attempt to convince city administration “to sit down and negotiate” the terms of their contracts.

It is pretty easy to see who the hero is in this story — hats off to you, Police Chief Dan Duffy.

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